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Pokhara II

Von admin, 5. April 2008 19:45


Do you long for a peaceful setting with good weather in the morning and views of three 8.000m peaks? Then get up early in Pokhara!
I usually miss the great view of those snow capped mountains though. Not because we would get up too late but rather because of bustling Lakeside (the tourist ghetto), where, on my way to breakfast at the other end of tow, I am frequently offered various things such as:
“Wanna smoke?” – teens offering dope
“Sir, snake?” – ‘Fake-Sadhus’ offering to play his flute to bring up a snake
“Sir, small buy? Just looking! Look, look, …” – Nice Tibetan refugee women selling their crafts

Usually one will then find us at the “Laughing Budha”, a restaurant without style, in fact without anything nice to it except price and food. Both get us there around 10 in the morning and we know the whole family by now! It [u]will[/u] be one of the things that I miss. Those greasy but just so well done potatoes, the great bread with jam, the omlette, the big mug of coffee and the banana-topped muesli – all for less than 60cent. Your really feel bad when taking them up on that offer. On the other hand: it’s just so good ;)

The careful reader knows already what life is suddenly all about: food. We pretty much move down the street to grab some tea, a cake, a good dinner. In between we get busy though! Not only with our books that we tend to read at a spot of our pleasure (mine is by the lake) but with some more walking, too.

Yesterday we went to the World Peace Pagoda, a shrine on a hill above the lake and then made our way down again to check out other districts of the city. While Pokhara is big in number of people, it is small in things to do; it is even small in things to look at (except the lake maybe). That way we ended up browsing some shops again and I treated myself with some new things and therefore need to find a bank pretty soon…

All I really want to say through this is that we are doing very well and enjoy life! :)

On other news: Election day is coming closer and we are greeted by loud advertisements of the communist party / Maoists throughout the day. There are flyers on every door that explain on how to vote but still in mock elections people tend to not knowing how it works. Further, 300(!) candidates failed to register properly and one can see from that alone that the first election in Nepal will be everything but easy and rewarding.
The country is a little bit scared on how things might develop right now which is why the current government called for a three-day public holiday and closed down all schools for two weeks straight. The border with India will be sealed for at least three days as well. Those news develop over hours and I kind of hope that they won’t shut down transportation altogether! So far we are told that tourists will be taken care of and for once I am glad to be white and German.
The UN is always present and we can spot more and more vehicles with election observers. More on that in the news ( and on Matze’s website.

We will continue to Chitwan tomorrow morning at 7am and I pray for temperatures to stay below 30 degree but who knows….

Wish me well on my travels back to Kathmandu!!
I guess I will see you in Germany soon.

Love -me

Back – alive

Von admin, 2. April 2008 22:00

Hey guys,

I made it back to Pokhara safely after an awesome time in the mountains!

The trek was just the right thing to do and I wouldn’t want to miss it at all. On the other hand, it’s good to be back and enjoy the city since prices are much cheaper down in the valley than up in the Himalaya – to name just one out of many reasons. Other might be: a hot shower, great food, not having to carry a 10 kg backpack all day, not having to pack every morning, …

Wrapping up 16 days in this blog just doesn’t seem to work that well and I hope you will understand. This much though: we were presented a great diversity of landscape, culture and people (and height) and met some really nice people on the way, two of which we might even continue our travels with.
I think Matze will get some pictures online (before I might get a chance to do the same) so you should check on his website (see right column) to get some idea of the whole thing. It’s juts much better than writing it all down again – he did a really good job of wrapping it all up in the past half hour!! :)

Now we will “chill” in Pokhara for a couple of days (3-4) before we might travel to the Terai region and visit Chitwan National Park for 3 days. I plan to be in Kathmandu no later than April 9th and hope everything stays calm and the election will work out fine.
We didn’t have a clue about the situation at the moment. While it feels really safe there must be some bad things happening in the “outer” parts of the country… Nothing that I would know of without a newspaper though!

By the way: due to the high(er) internet rates and partly because I don’t want to be online that much you might not get that much more information here. Thanks for your understanding.

Take care, Nils

>> Our phone is working again :) How often I can check my email until my departure, I don’t know – but I will at some point!


Von admin, 16. März 2008 21:32


Waehrend meine Freunde in Deutschland anscheinend so spannende Sachen wie 3 Laender und 4 Klimazonen in 4 Tagen machen, freue ich mich schon, wenn ich an einem Tag 200 km heil ueberstehe!
So sind wir denn am Samstag um 6.30 Uhr nach Pokhara, der zweitgroessten Stadt des Landes, aufgebrochen und dort auch schliesslich gut und heil abends angekommen. Ca. 40min nach Abfahrt hatten wir allerdings einen Motorschaden und 3h Zeit die naechsten Geschaefte zu erkunden ;) Travel Nepali Style?!

Pokhara ist wunderbar!
Wir haben es schon geliebt, als wir im Regen ankamen. Ein See, wenig Touristen, wenig Verkehr, wenig Muell: genau das, was wir nach dem lauten und dreckigen Kathmandu gebrauchen konnten! Heute haben wir viel entspannt: ausschlafen, durch die Stadt laufen, am See sitzen, Postkarten schreiben und die Sonne geniessen – bei Ausblick auf 8.000er, die schon zum greifen nahe sind!
>> Matze hat wohl auf seiner Seite (s.r.) ein paar Bilder hochgeladen! Absolut sehenswert! Einmal ein peinliches von mir, die beruehmte Kantine und den super Ausblick hier ;)

Morgen geht es dann endgueltig auf den Trek, das teure Ticket fuer den Nationalpark haben wir heute gekauft und uns registriert.
Ich bin schon ganz neugierig und gespannt, was uns erwartet. Wenn alles gut geht, geht es wie gesagt hoch hinaus und durch alle Klimazonen. Hier sind wir auf ca. 600m, es waren heute bestimmt 35C. In 10 Tagen sind wir dann bei 5C oder so… 10kg ist der Rucksack und ich hoffe, alles ist dabei ;)

Ich melde mich wieder, wenn wir zurueck sind.
Sollte ich was wichtiges wegen Uni (Klausuren, Anmeldungen) etc. brauchen, schreibt mir einfach eine Email, auch wenn ich sie erst nachher lesen kann.

Ach ja, die Situation in Nepal ist “ruhig” :)
Es gab wohl in Kathmandu groessere Demonstrationen wegen der Lage in Tibet, aber hier ist alles noch im Rahmen.

So far. Take care!


Personal Note: Bus = “Unerschlossen”, PKR = “peaceful”, Traenen im OP, Abschiedsparty

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