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Peaceful KTM

Von admin, 11. April 2008 00:28

The city was very peaceful today. Just to let you know. See you soon.

EC confirms polls postponed at 33 booths nationwide, over 60% turnout in historic polls

“The EC informed that the elections had to be postponed in those areas as some party cadres tried to capture booths, blank-fired and chased the voters away from the booths.”

““I congratulate the people of Nepal, who have demonstrated their commitment to democracy by turning out in large numbers to vote in today’s historic Constituent Assembly election,” UNMIN Chief Ian Martin said in a statement today.
Noting that the election was conducted by and large in a peaceful and orderly manner, Martin also said that today’s election has been Nepal’s most observed election, and in the coming days and weeks both international and national observer groups will be making public their findings regarding the electoral process, including preparations, polling and the post-polling process.

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Travel guide to Kathmandu

Von admin, 11. März 2008 22:00

Dear future visitor,

please be reminded that Kathmandu offers splendid shopping opportunities. The quality is cheap and the price is up to you (and your”opponent” when it comes down to bargaining) but the options are widely (and wisely!) spread. Who doesn’t need one Nepali Music CD? Who doesn’t need a Scarf to take home? Who doesn’t need those new trecking socks?
Well, as you can imagine, that leaves you with many visits in several stores that pretty much offer all the same things and all the same quality but differ in price and layout. That way you really kind of “shop till you drop in Thamel” (as the Lonely Travel guidebook puts it) and all you end up with is one pair of socks!
So the question I’m asking myself every evening is: “what exactly did we do all day? Shopping? Then, what did we get? Those bananas? Geezz….”

What’s really a treat though is that we go out for dinner every evening (except for the past week when diarrhea put us on hold :) ).
There are plenty of restaurants in town that offer quite good food at unbeatable prices. There might be cheaper options but we as tourists like to avoid those “Momo’s from the street” kind of shops. That way we probably miss out on the real and original taste (and a crazy cheap lunch) but since there never seems to be power in the evening you get the great treat of having a candle-light dinner free of charge no matter at which place you decide to stay.

Our favorites so far:
* Feed ‘n read for the coziest atmosphere (in between books or outside in a garden with a fire)
* Helenas for its the only place where I felt save enough to have ice-cream and the wide and splendid range of the menu
* Nargilas for its Israeli food that is really different from anything else
* Mothis for it’s closest to our hotel and the only one not recommended by the Lonely Planet and therefore we treat it as a local place which makes us feel like locals :) :) :)

Well, since it’s late and we like to go to bed by 11 pm to survive our long days I will close for now.
I just wanted to let you know that the sun came out today and our diarrhea is much better and therefore life seems to be more fun again.
We plan on going trekking next week so if you need anything from me you should really consider writing sooner than later because chances are 99% we won’t have internet from next Monday on…

Y’all take care.
Peace, Nils

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