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Vacation -OR- The South

Von admin, 3. April 2009 21:17

Hey guys,

I am writing to you from one of the most antique computers in a long time. There is only one color (flickering yellow) and the keyboard is quite challenging!
Still, I wanted to drop a note that I am very well.

Today, we were exploring the ancient city of Petra in Jordan (where we spend the night, too, before returning to Israel tomorrow afternoon). The pictures we saw of this place before proved to be right: it is really as beautiful and amazing as we thought it is.
Still, we didn’t warm up with Jordan by now. It seems like the country is very rich and therefore not the best place to a budget traveller like us – at least without us speaking Arabic. So we end up paying a load of money towards transportation and entrance fees without getting a lot of it back. What does that mean? For example, we paid a lot for the taxi drive to Petra with our driver constantly falling asleep and us very worried what to do about it – or us paying 30 EUR to see Petra without getting even a plan of the city or anything besides the ticket. While the site is certainly worth all the effort, it still bothers us a little bit. On the other hand we ran into some crazy bedouins in the evening hours, one who was living in Switzerland for a long time and who made for a very sepcial evening. I am still very sad, that I didn’t have had the courage to convince Kathrin to stay with them, as they offered – it might’ve been a special evening. But then, we don’t know and I try not to worry about it any more….

Eilat on the other hand proved to be as crowded as we imagined, but treated us very well anyway.
We stay at a cutle little place (that is a bit too religious), called the shelter and had a great afternoon of relaxing at the Sheraton beach by the red sea. Probably the best treat of that day was our dinner at a chique little restaurant right on the promenade – you could sit out in shorts until late (27C @ 10pm)! Soooo great! :)

Before, we were renting a car again to be able to explore the Negev desert a bit easier. It turned out to be the next best thing!
Wow, what an interesting place. I thought of the Nege as that one big rocky desert but in fact we had everything from sadn dunes to rocks, to mountains, to …. you name it!
Especially great was the peaceful atmosphere we experienced at Sde Boker where I certainly met the nicest people of whole Israel (and also the most beautiful!). We hiked around the Ein Afdat canyon for a bit before we got down to Mitzpe Ramon to explore a huge crater. It certainly didn’t look appealing to us at first sight, but once we got down into the crater itself I was astonned about the landscape. Wow! Honestly, this was one of the nicest hikes I’ve ever taken! I still miss that spot a lot. Maybe, because we had a great night that evening, too. First, we had some tea at a random Beduin tent and then just slept out in the car with NOBODY around. This was a special treat after all, since the whole day was so noisy because the Israeli army uses the Negev as their playground. Therefore you have F16 rushing over your head all the time and pass several tanks and soldiers on the way – thus making the drive even more spectacular for somebody from Germany! ;) But as I said, that mild night out there was a real beauty – I loved it, loved it, loved it.

Before, Witali, my great roomate, and his super-nice aunt took us to Cesarea on Tuesday afternoon which was a real treat, too. I know it seems like I am just in a “I don’t want to leave mood, everything is great” (which IS so true!!) but still, it was very special because of many things. The site is beautiful by itself as it sits right on the sea. Then, the late afternoon sunlight did everything to make it look even more pitoresque. Finally, Witalis aunt was just the sweetest person one can dream of – she just made sure there was nothing we would miss (coffee, dinner, entrance fee, drive, …). Such hospitality is always a great gift and I hope I am able to return all of which I received one day. I guess it is that one real promise I make again and again and hope that I am able to live up to it.

I guess that should do for now since I am way too tired anyway to write more.
Witali should know that he is being missed a lot already (as is my girl home) and I guess I will see most of you sometime around Easter.
At the moment I really don’t want to leae Israel at all(!!), but I guess I have to eventually. Such a shame though!

Wincing the night away,

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