Nachrichten getagged: Jerusalem

1st day

Von admin, 27. Februar 2009 19:26

As I am sitting in our ancient, narrow stone hostel writing these lines to you the rain just pours down outside!

And I really mean it pours. Shoes wet, socks wet – everything got soaked as we explored the old city by foot.
We covered a lot of ground and had an especially nice (and free!) three hour walking tour which included a stop at the Western Wall and much more. Due to the cold and winds we decided to warm up in our beds afterwards before hitting the streets again.
By the end of the day we were both pretty frozen and happy to be back around 7pm without really having looked at any of the great shops lining up at the streets. Such a shame, I know! But one had to look very careful not to slip on these narrow pathways and to find your way through the city.

I guess our plan is to warm up with some soup and tea inside the hostel now and pray for the rain to stop tomorrow (thus making temperature rise, too!).


Von admin, 26. Februar 2009 22:53

Dear friends & family,

tonight we arrived in Jerusalem safely. The flight was nothing to write home about but got us here in time (Kathrin war auf Toilette, sodass der Flug bei ihr einen ganz anderen Stellenwert hatte :) ).

Now, we stay at a cute little place called Citadel Hostel right in the old city after having enjoyed a quick walk through the empty city….
Our hostel manager is looking Arabic TV: a story about a suicide bomber – welcome to Israel? At least Security was no issue at all today.

Already this place looks great and I can’t wait to explore it tomorrow.

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