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The ongoing lovestory of a bride and the sea

Von admin, 10. März 2009 23:00

We were off to the North on our second weekend – and saw more than we  expected to.

We got a fairly early start on Friday and took the train to Haifa where we skipped the beach and headed straight for the German Colony. Considered a beautiful neighborhood / street, we were kind of disappointed. Maybe were are just too used to seeing cute little stone houses at home?
But what a view! The Gardens are Haifas main attraction and certainly a pleasant site to look at. Since most of the Gardens are closed to the public except for a (free) tour, one of us decided to join in. Kathrin & I were fine with having a closer look at a decent portion that was accessible without one.
Me, always drawn to the arts, I checked out the tiny Mane Katz Museum which was a cute little endeavor but nothing to write home about.
Around noon we decided to grab some lunch and head on North a lot earlier than we thought – mainly, because public transportation (which shuts down around 3pm on Friday) was still available to Akko.
So in the end, I think Haifa is a great city that I enjoyed especially for the stunning(!) views on the sea and its many alleys, lined with huge trees on both sides!

Akkos is certainly a place to visit but can be done rather fast, too (the inner city isn’t bigger than 1×1 km). I think it was particularly nice to spend an evening there because it was a special experience to wonder through this touristy place all by yourself with just the locals out and about!
My personal highlight was the stunning view on Haifa as we were hanging out at the old port at night and our visit to a really nice teahouse afterwards.

Then, on Saturday, we managed to get to Rosh HaNicra.
This place claims (lovely) to be all about an ongoing lovestory of a bride and the sea as waves crash into white cliffs. Every shekel you’d have to pay to get inside the caves right at the Lebanese border where worth it (though the commercialism of the place doesn’t seam to go too well with the story its telling!). A really lovely place, tough! Further, we were happy about as much shade as we could as temperatures rose to 31C.
Afterwards, we hung out at the beach and got ourselves a tiny tiny sunburn before hitting the street and catch a train back to Petach Tikva.

What a great weekend :)

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