Nachrichten getagged: Friends


Von admin, 5. März 2009 23:09

Every time I sit in front of the computer I want to make this a bit more interesting for you – and fail.
What are the reasons? Mostly, I feel a little rushed as there is always people around one wanting to check their email, too. Plus, I so get really tired at night ;)
I’ll promise some more storytelling eventually though.

Anyway, I fell really blessed today because a friend I made in Nepal was taking us out for dinner.
His visit included pick-up service, free tour of the hot spots of Tel Aviv, great ice cream and dinner, detailed insights on Israeli politics and, last but not the least, making me happy just to see him again.
So, Nir, thanks for making this evening very special to me!

We’re off to Haifa first thing tomorrow morning and shall return late on Saturday.

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