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Wrap up No 1

Von admin, 1. September 2009 15:11

Sunday, August 30th. Sukothai.

Anyone traveling through the ancient city of Sokuthai should spend a night at the Banthai GH!
We arrived late in the night and got their last room without a fan, BUT their bungalows and staff are amazing. We got the warmest welcome in Thailand so far! Such a great little place…

In Sukothai we rented a little scooter and were able to move around the ancient city easily. The weather was a bit unstable but still alright and we were lucky to meet Markus & Carmen, two doctors from Switzerland.

A super bumpy late bus brought us to Chiang Mai.

Monday, August 31st. Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai, supposed to be the "rose of the North", appeared a little different to us: first, a tuk-tuk driver got mad for no reason, then our guesthouse was little to less charming and our next place a bit too noisy. Both led to "late-start-days", so I feel we couldn’t quite get out of this place than what we had expected.
At this moment we are undecided weather to book a trekking tour or leaving for Laos already….


The weather is perfect and while I sweat through most of the day, I put on a jacket for the first time today (because we visited a temple in the hills)!

We both are at good health an enjoy ourselves :)

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