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Back home

Von admin, 14. April 2008 02:43

I made it back home safely yesterday.
Please bear with me to catch up with all of you since there are several boxes to unpack, classes to start tomorrow, a test to take and all of that…

KATHMANDU, April 13 – On the third day, Sunday, of the vote counting of the historic Constituent Assembly elections old hands and stalwarts have continued to lose constituencies while the Maoists continue to pick up seats unrelentingly.
These results go on to show the overwhelming support of the people for the Maoists and for change. Moreover, the fact that Maoists until the midnights vote counts on Saturday have claimed the highest number of seats and are leading in most of the constituencies also point out the fact that the people might be ready for change in the system.

KATHMANDU, April 13 – The historic Constituent Assembly election has thrown at us a lot of surprises. There have been quite a few underdogs who have had significant victories over their rivals who were tipped for easy wins. And some of the major figures of the Nepali politics have been dumped out by virtual unknowns.

KATHMANDU, April 12 – Nepal has been receiving messages of congratulations from the international community, including the UN, for holding the Constituent Assembly (CA) election successfully on Thursday.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended the Nepali people for what he said was their enthusiastic participation in the poll.

KATHMANDU, April 12 – The Carter Center Saturday said that Thursday’s constituent assembly election was remarkable and relatively peaceful and that polling stations were well-organized and electoral workers carried out their responsibilities competently and professionally.

Whoever followed this blog:
1. Thank you.
2. This is it :D

Take care, -me

Peaceful KTM

Von admin, 11. April 2008 00:28

The city was very peaceful today. Just to let you know. See you soon.

EC confirms polls postponed at 33 booths nationwide, over 60% turnout in historic polls

“The EC informed that the elections had to be postponed in those areas as some party cadres tried to capture booths, blank-fired and chased the voters away from the booths.”

““I congratulate the people of Nepal, who have demonstrated their commitment to democracy by turning out in large numbers to vote in today’s historic Constituent Assembly election,” UNMIN Chief Ian Martin said in a statement today.
Noting that the election was conducted by and large in a peaceful and orderly manner, Martin also said that today’s election has been Nepal’s most observed election, and in the coming days and weeks both international and national observer groups will be making public their findings regarding the electoral process, including preparations, polling and the post-polling process.

More also on


Von admin, 10. April 2008 00:27

Hey everybody!

Only one more day and then my trip will be over!
At the moment I am as sad as happy about it. Sad, because I really like this country and who doesn’t enjoy to kick back like I do these days? But then I am ready for a change too and Germany will be a nice treat afterall.

We arrived in KTM yesterday afternoon and needed today to wrap up some “shopping” in just a few hours after the whole country (especially KTM) is worried about the election day tomorrow.
That meant shops closing early (we couldn’t even finish our beer yesterday evening) or not opening at all – even today. This all feels very odd to me. How will it help safety?

We were told that there wouldn’t be any cars today but while traffic was not as heavy as usual one could move around freely. This all will change tomorrow and nobody knows what will happen thereafter. The tourists are taken care of by the tourist police (there will be three special buses tomorrow) and I hope I can make it to the airport safely on Friday morning. If anything happens, the hospital ambulance will take me, I hope :)
While I was moving around the city at great ease today I must say I was surprised to hear that there was a blast very close to where I was at that time. I don’t want anyone to worry to much though! What you learn from this is that the security situation might sound worse in the news than it does in reality.
For me it is very sad to hear all this violence before the election (mostly just minor violence like fist fights but there have been killings too). While all the officials advise everybody to go voting I can see how many people might not go to the polls out of fear. It is at days like today that you realize that this country has still a long way to go before things will turn out more “smoothly”…

Anyway, whoever wants to follow up the news is once again recommend to check on Here is the wrap up of today:

“Unidentified persons detonated a bomb under the overhead bridge near Bir Hospital in the capital Wednesday afternoon. According to police, the explosions took place at around 2.10 this noon. Nobody was injured in the incident, police confirmed.”

“News reports of blasts and violent incidents have been flooding in as the much-anticipated Constituent Assembly election nears”

“In his special message on the eve of the crucial polls, King Gyanendra has urged all Nepalis, who are eligible to vote, to exercise their democratic franchise in a free and fair environment maintaining harmony and unity in the crucial polls”

On other news: The days befrore, Chitwan NP was a great treat.
We did lots of cool stuff, saw awesome sunsets of the dschungel, elephants, rhinos, deer and – once again – ate way too much. Ahh, too bad it’s over already!
Since the internet is so slow today we cannot upload any pictures this time.

Well, and since I just had a great dinner with (new) friends next door I am very tired and need to go to bed now.
I hope all of you are well. I am very much so :)

See you soon,

NOTE: Essay on festival:

(Political) Update

Von admin, 11. März 2008 23:00

To give (the Germans) a two minute update on the country read the following, copied from Uni Kassel.

- 27 Millionen Einwohner, darunter 85 Prozent auf dem Land
- Hauptstadt: Kathmandu (670000 E.)
- Zahlreiche Ethnien: Mahesi (30 Prozent), Chhetri, Bahun (jeweils 13), Magar, Tharu (jeweils 7)
- Sprachen: Nepalesisch (43 Prozent), Maithili (9,5), Bihari (6)
- Religionen: Hindus (80 Prozent), Buddhisten (10), Moslems (4)
- Jährliches Durchschnittseinkommen: 270 Dollar; starkes Sozialgefälle zwischen Stadt und Land
- 50 Prozent Analphabeten

Monarchie am Ende
Zurückgekehrt nach Kathmandu erklärte Gajurel im Namen der KPN (M) am 24. Dezember 2007 in der Regierungszeitung Rising Nepal, das regierende Sieben-Parteien-Bündnis und die KPN(M) hätten sich darauf verständigt, »daß das Übergangsparlament das südasiatische Land in einer Resolution zur Republik erklärt«. Damit steht »die Monarchie in Nepal nach 240 Jahren vor dem Ende« (FAZ, 24.12.2007). Von den 329 Abgeordneten stimmten am 28.12. dann 270 für die Abschaffung der Monarchie, drei dagegen, die übrigen enthielten sich oder blieben der Sitzung fern. Inzwischen traten die Maoisten erneut der Regierung bei, die sie im September aus Protest gegen den schleppenden Verfassungsprozeß verlassen hatten, und stellen nun fünf Minister.
Am 10. April soll eine verfassunggebende Versammlung gewählt werden.

KP Nepals (Maoisten)
1994 gegründet; Vorsitzender Pushpa Kamal Dahal, genannt Prachanda; seit 1996 führende Kraft im bewaffneten Kampf gegen die Benachteiligung der Landbevölkerung und gegen die Monarchie; kontrollierte große Teile des Landes mit Hilfe ihres bewaffneten Arms, der Volksbefreiungsarmee.

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