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Bad week

Von admin, 7. März 2008 22:00

Dear folks,this was our first unpleasant week and this wasn’t only due to the bad weather we were suffering!
At first Matze got some descent food-poisoning (I was at work alone for two days) and then it was my row (I wasn’t working today). I lost more fluids than one can imagine over the last 24 hours. Since it started off earlier, I decided to take some antibiotics which might help my sinusitis, too. I guess it’s just something everybody will get at some point but it’s really no fun!

Further, I was very unhappy to get robbed the other day during a festival at Pashupatinath temple (Mahashivaratri ).
It doesn’t even bother me so much what got stolen, but I thought was taking every precaution necessary – still, as the crowd was so tense somebody must’ve grabbed our cell-phone and some change.
As one can imagine, I couldn’t really enjoy the festival afterwards even though it was great to be there. It is kind hard to describe what was really going on. To “the Germans” it looked very much like a gathering of young people who enjoyed to take a legal smoke (marijuana) and get excited about it at a holy place. What it was really all about though:

Hindu devotees in thousands are thronging the temples of lord Shiva and worshipping him for well being in their lives. The traditional Shivaratri ritual of raising donations by using rope-blocks to stop vehicles could be seen in most side streets of the capital. Kids are often seen stopping drivers and sometime even pedestrians and allowing them to go only after they are given some money.

The headline of yesterday’s paper, “The PADT said that nearly 350,000 devotees and about 3,000 sadhus is expected to visit Pashupatinath temple this year”, was probably true and I encourage your to check up on this on any video online.

Well, other than that live goes on ;)
It seems like we have our own little routine in the hospital and afterwards. Even the fuel situation has eased as tensions in the Terai (South Nepal) are of the past!
We met two other Germans currently volunteering at the Model Hospital who are great and we enjoy hanging out together. We even seem to get closer with the sisters and our doctors which is a nice treat, too and makes time go by even faster!

Hopefully I will feel well enough to go to Patan (a samll town in the South of Kathmandu) tomorrow.

Please, keep me posted on your life in Germany as I enjoy reading your stories!
Take care. -me

Hospital & Sunshine on a Friday

Von admin, 22. Februar 2008 22:34

Today started out pretty early – at 6.10 a.m. We wanted to be at the hospital by 7 to attend a teaching round by a famous physician. Of course the Germans were the only ones on time! The doctor turned out to be a really nice guy who was super strict with everybody and had very much it’s own way but seems to have great knowledge and talks perfect English and is really interested in teaching good medicine. “We need to talk to each other about our mistakes, because we think we know everything, but in fact we don’t know anything”, was one of his first comments. He has great moral views and explained everything to us. That hour was one of the best I ever had. Unfortunately he only does those rounds every other day for an hour. Otherwise the hospital staff isn’t really interested in translating us anything into English so the regular round is somewhat “lame”. Fortunately, we know a nice Nepali student who is willing to take us with him and who we went to out with after work, too! We had coffee on a really great patio on top of the city. The coffee was pricey but we treated ourselves with real cappuccino and some chocolate cake and enjoyed the warm sunshine and view! Life doesn’t get much better ;) Afterwards we strolled through the backstreets of Kathmandu. While the tourist area around Thamel is really nice and well off, the “real” life still takes place without running water, heat or power. Still, you won’t see many baggers on the streets even though most people live in real poverty and often times don’t own more than a shed and a small fireplace inbetween two stone houses. After dinner tonight, we will be heading to Bakthapur tomorrow – it’s our day off and I’m excited already! Take care folks…

1st day

Von admin, 21. Februar 2008 22:00

After a great night of sleep, I was greeted by a major chill of cold water under the shower.

Hitting the streets was great since we walked through a really cute neighborhood where we seemed to be the only white people before we got a little lost. However, finding the hospital was no big deal.

We were greeted by nobody and it took them a while to get used to the idea that we would stay the day. Finally we were appointed to a young doctor who clearly wasn’t interested in showing us around. Luckily three Nepali students showed us the place and took us to a procedure. There were quite a few people waiting outside but nobody introduced us to the Outpatient Department. Since there was nothing else left to do on the wards we left the hospital together with them around 1pm.

The hospital itself is pretty small with maybe up to 40 patients on the internal medicine ward. They have X-Ray, CT, a pathology lab, a blood bank, surgery-, internal medicine and neuro-surgery departments. Since there are better and bigger places in town it is a second or third-row place to go to. It’s partly private, so really poor people won’t be able to go there anyway.

Kathmandu is mostly a vibrant city where everybody seems to be on the streets all day long. Kids to and from their way from school, singing, cheering, laughing, small babies playing on the streets (which isn’t great to look at if they sit there in just a diaper and cleaning a stone with a toothbrush or something like that), people carrying all kinds of stuff around and vendors, vendors, vendors, vendors and …. more vendors! You get so caught up looking at shops and watching your step that you hardly recognize the buildings or streets or anything else, which is a bit of a shame. But, oh well….

So far. Take care!

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